Apprenticeship Program

Our goal is to train "select" men and women to be the best in the electrical trade. Regrettably, we are limited in the number we can accept each year. We seek to select the best candidates and help train them to become complete craft workers. Complete craft workers will demonstrate proper skills, knowledge, a positive attitude, and excellent work ethics.

While job skills are learned and acquired on the job, some limited hands-on training takes place in the classroom to help the apprentice develop a better understanding for theories associated with the trade. Classroom training consists of 5 years (minimum of 180 hours) of study. Classes are normally conducted September to April and typically meet two nights per week from 6:00-9:00 P.M. Apprentices are NOT paid to attend class.

Apprentices usually work an 8 hour shift Monday through Friday. Many jobs however work four 10 hour days. Some jobs may require working overtime for which workers are paid an overtime rate.

Upon satisfactory completion of a year of school, passing certification exams, and having worked the minimum number of work hours showing satisfactory progress, the apprentice is advanced to the next higher level of pay.

Throughout the program each apprentice will be evaluated both on the job and in classroom studies to ensure they are adapting, progressing, and advancing in the trade.

Current School Calendar

For more information see our current Rules and Policy document.