Construction Wireman / Construction Electrician Program

The Construction Wireman Construction Electrician (CW/CE) program sometimes offers employment opportunities for those waiting to make application for the apprenticeship program. The program may also offer employment for those interested in the trade but unable to qualify for the apprenticeship program. It may also be an excellent program for those already employed in the electrical construction trade but interested in seeing what other opportunities are available.

The CW/CE program is NOT a dead-end program. It is designed to provide a pathway to Journey Level status for those willing to complete training, mostly through home study courses coupled with certification and testing.

Wages are based on a percentage of the current Journeyman hourly rate. Benefits will also vary in the CW/CE program. NEBF is a pension plan that begins immediately for everyone at no cost to the employee. Upon retirement, one also receives a pension from the IBEW for each year of membership. There is also a Local Pension Plan wherein the employer pays a contribution for all workers with the classification of CE1, CE2, CE3. There are no deductions in wages for the NEBF pension or the local retirement program. One does, of course, pay union dues which are currently less than $50 per month. Over half the union dues provides a small pension and life insurance for the member.

Health Insurance is provided for a CW/CE with the classification of CW2 and higher. Family coverage can be purchased for approximately $164 per month.

REMINDER: When seeking employment, especially in a Trade, one should always discover what if any benefits a potential employer is offering. Ours are contractually agreed to which provides one assurance of wages and benefits.

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